The Equestrian Club at FAU welcomes competitive and non-competitive members! You can become a member by attending any of our bi-monthly meetings, joining our Facebook Group and paying the club and/or show team dues. Everyone has the opportunity to try out for the show travel team or be an active non-competitive member.

Non-Competitive Members

Although non-competitive members do not ride on a team, they have the opportunity to participate in all club events. We offer non-competitive members the opportunity to lesson at the University discount, attend many social team events, and help with fundraisers. Other club activities include volunteering with our philanthropy, Horses Healing Hearts. Any of the club members may also take lessons with any of the team coaches even if they are not on a team!

Competitive Members

The Equestrian Club at FAU has one competitive team, Hunt Seat, a proud member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA)  … and the best part is you don’t have to own your own horse! All teams require members to be a full time student and maintain a 2.5 GPA. In addition to academic requirements, all team members must volunteer twice a semester, take weekly lessons with the team coach, and attend all Equestrian Club meetings/fundraisers. Evaluation rides for new members are held at the beginning of every fall semester and spring semester.

To become a Club or Show Team Member, click on and follow the steps below:

All team members are first required to be a member of FAU-EQ.  In order to become a member of the club, potential team members can attend any club meeting and pay their annual $25 dues, but attendance at the first meeting of the fall semester is highly recommended (date TBA). The first meeting offers an abundance of information on trying out for the Hunt Seat Team, and all the necessary paperwork. At the first meeting of the fall semester, potential team members will schedule an interview with the Hunt Seat Team Coach Tricia Loftus-Carron @ 954-650-8945.

You must pay your club dues and be registered as a full time student at FAU before you’re able to become an active club member. The Club dues are $25 and the Show Team dues are $100. The show dues include a FAU dry-fit logo polo that is to be worn at all FAU shows and events, and includes membership to IHSA in order to be eligible to compete.

Schedule your first evaluation/lesson with Head Coach Tricia Loftus-Carron (954-650-8945). Your evaluation will be held at Carriage Hill Farms. At your lesson, you will be asked simple questions regarding your riding experience, class schedule*, and riding availability and riding show history.

*The Hunt Seat Team leaves for competitions on Friday afternoons. If possible, potential team members are encouraged to not schedule any classes after 12pm on Fridays.

Group lessons can be scheduled with Head Coach Tricia Loftus-Carron, riding director at Carriage Hill Farms in Delray Beach, FL. All team members who intend show at IHSA shows must be taking at least one weekly lesson with Tricia, scheduled on your own time. Lessons are one hour long, and riders are responsible for the proper before and after care of their assigned lesson horse. Please …BE ON TIME!!

Lesson prices are paid for by the student and are not paid by the Equestrian Team at FAU.
**Club Team/Competitive Show Team rates:  A discounted rate is $50 per single group lesson (reg. $75 per lesson) or 14-lesson Semester package $550 ($40 per lesson savings)

We understand that taking lessons each week is costly, but the more team members are able to get out to the barn and ride, the better prepared they will be to compete at shows. The team members selected to go to the shows are decided by the head coach and based on riding abilities, practice attendance/lessons, attendance at team events and all fundraisers.

Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to attend your lesson for the week, you MUST to call the coach 24 hours in advance or you will be responsible for the cost of your lesson. In the event of inclement weather contact the coach immediately to reschedule/cancel.